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Briefly About Our Online Plagiarism Checker Software

Plagiarism detection software Plag-Check created for detecting plagiarism online compares your text against all the online sources available on the Internet. When something just appears on the Internet, our online plagiarism checker software will find and spot it. It is convenient for both work and studying.

Plag-Check is a constantly upgraded plagiarism checker software. It’s totally free and it doesn’t require registration. This free plagiarism checker software is designed to make your life easier, so you can do editing and proofreading of your texts much faster and more easily.


Free Plagiarism Checker Software For Fair Writing: We Believe In Great Ideas

As you probably know, plagiarism is a serious problem of the modern society. It is very easy to re-use already published content without proper credit to its author. Many people commit plagiarism intentionally or unintentionally, which can hurt the real author too.

Therefore, you should attribute other authors by referencing his/her works. Plagiarism check software Plag-Check will soon allow you to exclude your references from plagiarism search, so that you can receive more relevant search results.

Our plagiarism check software will soon be available as a desktop version too. It will be mobile friendly, so you can run a plagiarism check even on the go. For now, you can try its online version out absolutely for free.

The Key Features Our Users Find Most Helpful

We believe that every person should have access to efficiently working free plagiarism software to fight plagiarism more effectively. That’s why we created Plag-Check, a free checker, which is going to be as good as the most frequently used paid alternatives. Plag-Check has a 24-hour support and such helpful features as:

- Precise results

Plag-Check scans even recently added web pages or sites for you to be able to detect even 4-word matches.

- Fast check speed

Check one page in a matter of seconds and enhance your productivity by spending less time editing your text.

- No limit for free checks

Plag-Check provides unlimited number of free checks for plagiarism per day.

- Constantly upgraded features

Our developers keep improving Plag-Check’s features to deliver precise check reports and add more useful functionality.


How To Spot Plagiarism with Our Plagiarism Checking Software

Copy the text you are going to check and paste it into the checking area at the top of this page and start the scanning process. When the scan is finished, you will see the check results. They will also include a plagiarism index of your text. Plagiarized words will be highlighted and provided with links to original sources.

Why Using Plagiarism Checker Software is the Best Solution

Anti plagiarism software checker online checks texts against the Internet. This check type has proved to be the most effective. Thus, Plag-Check uses the most recent web index, so nothing will be skipped when being scanned by our free plagiarism checking software. Use plagiarism checker software to succeed at work or studying.