Free Plagiarism Checker API Software is Useful for Bloggers and Teachers

Free plagiarism checker api software is an easy way to add plagiarism detection software to your website. What is API and how it works? Simply put, API is a way to integrate an application work with other tool or website.

Free Plagiarism Checker Api Software: Who May be Interested In It

API technology is designed for developers, blog owners or website owners. They can use it for many reasons including adding a plagiarism checker. Free plagiarism checker api software uses special technologies for smooth integration.

If you are a website owner, just add free plagiarism checker api software to your CMS and you will be able to check your text directly on your website.

Plagiarism checker api software can be added to your resource as a button. You can activate scan for plagiarism simply by pressing this button.

How Plagiarism Checker API Software Works

After pressing the checker button, API sends all the information to the main application and starts scanning for plagiarism. Plagiarism checkers use search engine index for detecting similarities like Google, for example. By the way, if Google would create Google plagiarism checker api software it would be a very popular service.

Our team plans to implement the API option soon and offer our customers a possibility to check their texts with our service anywhere and anytime they need. Besides that, we are going to implement some other options. For example, we will soon plan to enable file upload option and are going to support various file formats for users’ convenience.