Plagiarism Checker Software Free Download For Windows, Mac and Linux. What’s Better?

Plagiarism checker software is an essential tool for everyday use no matter whether you are teaching, studying or writing web content. Educators with the help of developers tried to solve this problem and fight plagiarism in students’ papers. Since that time a lot of new plagiarism detection tools were created, programs were gradually improved and enhanced with powerful features.

From the beginning desktop versions of plagiarism checkers gained popularity despite they were not very convenient to use. Compared to online software, desktop programs have one inconvenience - it can’t be used on any device - only on those devices, which operating systems are supported by the checker.

While online checkers are accessible on any device and any browser, to install a plagiarism checker on your computer, you should choose a tool, which is compatible with your operating system. Whether it is a plagiarism checker software free download for Mac, plagiarism checker software free download for Windows 7 or for Unix/Linux systems, they all require compatible software. Some programs support both iOS and Windows, so users can install them with ease.

Plagiarism Checker Installation on Windows

Possibly, no one needs to refer to the FAQ section to find out how to install anti-plagiarism software on Windows. You just download .exe file and start running it. Nothing special. But be aware of viruses. Some programs are infected, so you always should check them with antivirus software prior to installation.

Plagiarism checker software free download for Windows 8 can be also done without any special assistance, simply by downloading the program file or by downloading the program directly from the Windows store. By the way, plagiarism checker software free download for Windows XP may turn to be quite difficult, since this version of Windows is not supported anymore. The best solution is plagiarism checker software free download for Windows 10, since this is the newest and the most supported version of Windows operating systems.

Plagiarism Detection Software on Mac

Plagiarism checker for Mac may be installed in two different ways: from the official App Store or by downloading a file. The download and installation process is almost the same as for Windows systems.

Plagiarism Checker on Linux/Unix Systems

You can install such programs in three different ways: by downloading the program file similar to Windows and Mac OS or directly from the terminal, by typing in a special command. Plagiarism checkers for Linux are not that widespread, but anyway they exist, so you can find some. And it’s always free as all the software for Linux.